About Us

D36x50DR_Action31 copyCrosscut Directional Boring Ltd. is a southern Alberta-based horizontal directional drilling contractor. Our offices are located in Lethbridge, but we perform work all over Western Canada. We perform pipe and cable installation using horizontal directional drilling, plowing, open trenching and hydro excavation. We have the capability to install waterlines, cables and conduit under roadways, bodies of water, buildings, railway lines, hard surface landscaping and rough terrain. We have worked with some of the largest construction, utility and telecommunication companies in the world. We are known across the industry for our strong work ethic and the ability to get the most difficult jobs completed properly and on time. Our people are dedicated and share values that allow our stakeholders to have great confidence in us. We are committed to operating sustainably and safely.

We are COR certified offer current WCB clearances and carry appropriate vehicle, equipment and liability insurance coverages.


We will always be fair and do what is right. We will keep our promises. We will show maximum integrity in everything we do. We will be honest about our mistakes. We will strive to not just meet, but exceed our contract requirements. These values are ingrained in every decision we make. We are trusted and reliable.


We work well in partnerships because we listen and value the opinion of others. We are team players who enjoy improving our skills. We acknowledge and appreciate the skills of others. We feel it is imperative to build long term, lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and the general community. We share knowledge with others in our industry and believe that by working together we all learn more.

Hard Work

We work very hard. This hard work creates an environment where under performers are not tolerated. Our goal is to do great work and to take pride in this work. Our customers demand this and we are pleased to deliver it. We are “Can Do” people. We are focused on the needs of our customers and understand that meeting these needs requires innovation, hard work and must always be performed with maximum integrity. Unsafe, haphazard or low-quality work is simply not tolerated. We sincerely strive to be the best at what we do. This means no shortcuts.

Trained and Prepared

Our hard-working teams use the latest technology to deliver the best solutions regardless of site conditions, weather or timelines. Our team members are well trained and we have a policy of continuous improvement for everyone involved. We encourage fresh thinking and new ideas.


We believe many safety failures are the result of people not wanting to work hard. Safety is also hard work. We understand this and will make any required effort to correct an unsafe situation. We will not just walk by a safety concern. All of our team members are encouraged to speak up and make suggestions. We will listen. We are uncompromising when it comes to the safety and health of our employees. Our team members are our family and we treat them that way. We are also committed to ensuring that the community in which we work is safe.

We Listen

We care about our team members, our customers, our suppliers and the community around us. In addition to all of our team members playing an active role every day in the safety of our projects, we have an active corporate safety program. Formal techniques such as the field level hazard assessment are used. Above and beyond this, we create the environment where everyone is always encouraged speak up with any safety concern. Our team members understand that their opinion counts.

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