Our capabilities

From the smallest residential household connection to large diameter pipeline crossings we have the equipment to get the job done properly.

Our team can provide horizontal directional drilling, trenching and the plowing for jobs of all sizes.

We provide hydro-excavation services in conjunction with our installation services or as a standalone offering.

We are always upgrading our equipment fleet to match the needs of our clients. Please contact us to see if we have the equipment to get your job done.

We have an excellent reputation in our industry. This reputation allows us to work with other contractors and further expand our service offering.


  • HDD allows for the installation of cable, conduit, gas and water lines under existing finished structures such as roads, landscaped areas etc without damaging the surface as would happen with traditional open cut excavation.
  • Trench settlement lines are greatly reduced as no soil is removed.
  • Maximum depth of cover is obtained using directional drilling.
  • Directional drilling can be the least costly method of installation, particularly in congested or difficult work areas.

AK2I0749Horizontal Directional Drilling

HDD is a method of forcing a rotating steel drill rod through the ground, daylighting at the end of the drill path and then pulling a conduit, cable or some other line back to the ground opening at the drill end. Small drills are used for short distances and small diameter lines, while huge drill rigs can be used to pull very large diameter pipe over large distances.

Cable Plowing

Cable plowing using our specialized vibratory plow trains is an extremely efficient way to install huge quantities of cable per day.



Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive means of excavation. A concentrated stream of high pressure water, either heated or ambient, is used to cut through, soften and loosen the soil. The loose soil is then removed using cyclonic vacuum force. It is the standard method of excavation around electrical cables, gas lines, fibre optic cables and other delicate buried lines. Hydrovac excavation is safe and very productive.